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Recognizing the connection between our physical and mental health is the first step to finding a cure.

Working with Hope, Inc partners with businesses that share common and likeminded goals and objectives to change the narrative surrounding invisible illness and find a cure. 

If you have service or product that will benefit the lives of those living with an invisible chronic illness, we want to talk with you. 

How to make a positive impact on your community?

Be a part of R.A.R.E. 

By joining the R.A.R.E. Support Network, your business demonstrates a commitment to social responsibility within the community it serves.

Your support directly contributes to providing free or reducing costs services for individuals with invisible chronic illnesses. 

Dr Sli Aboulkacem

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Diversification of Services

  • Explore new services to attract broader clientele.
  • Enhance client loyalty by offering comprehensive care.
  • Development of long-term relationships and repeat business.


Let's talk about finding a cure.

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Join Mike Murphy in giving hope to Veterans.  

Mike is our Director of Development and a Veteran; he understands the unique challenges that veterans with invisible chronic illnesses face. His commitment to making a difference in their lives is unwavering. By joining forces with Mike, you align yourself with a like-minded individual who shares your passion for supporting those who have served our country.  



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Meet Ana Garcia




Ana serves as the Treasurer and Director of The R.A.R.E. Support Hispanic Network. 

She brings a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by individuals in the Hispanic community.

Her commitment to cultural sensitivity ensures that support is not only effective but also respectful of diverse backgrounds and experiences.