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What is the R.A.R.E. ART?

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Art is not only a beautiful form of self-expression, but it can also be a powerful tool for personal growth and problem-solving.

Unlock Your Creativity and Overcome Challenges

When we're facing a difficult situation, it's easy to get stuck in our own perspective and lose sight of possible solutions. However, by engaging in creative thinking and exploring new ways of seeing things, we can often find innovative ways to overcome challenges.

Through our free art workshops, you'll have the opportunity to step back, relax, and explore your creativity in a supportive and welcoming environment. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, our workshops are designed to help you discover new skills and techniques while connecting with other like-minded individuals.

So come join us, and let's use art to make a positive impact in our community and beyond.

The R.A.R.E. ART Project

Serves veterans and people with invisible illnesses along with their families.

Giving them the experience of healing through various forms of art.

Nearly 96 percent of people with chronic medical conditions

live with an illness that is invisible.

The R.A.R.E. ART project provides a platform where these individuals can gain the resources they need to successfully manage their illnesses and heal.

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"I sat down and listened and learned. Then I realized that my ideas had value and worth."