Working with Hope

Reliance - Acceptance - Respect - Empowerment 

Giving hope to those who have lost hope for a cure. 

Giving hope to those who have lost hope for a cure.

Safety At Home Is A Fundamental Right For Survivors Of Domestic Violence.

In certain cases, a victim may find themselves unable to seek shelter or relocate.


Empower THEM with a 24/7 facial recognition security system.

Working with Hope, provides your client options.  

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Become a Survivor 

The Safety Net Project develops resources and information on the use of technology for agencies and survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking.


Click Here for the toolkits that contain helpful information for victim service agencies and survivors. 



If you are a victim of domestic violence, please contact one the resources listed below and BREAK THE SILENCE.

Looking for Help:

Working with Hope's R.A.R.E. ALERT program offers offender facial recognition security systems to law enforcement and other organizations working with survivors of domestic violence.
"I am a survivor because of the kindness of others,
and the support of community and government programs. 
Empowerment came when I had a safe place to call home,
a safe home is a fundamental human right."
- Hope Hill
Additionally, our commitment extends to fostering the mental well-being of survivors through Virtual Reality (VR) mental health sessions, creating a holistic approach to their recovery and empowerment.
We understand that true healing comes from both physical and mental well-being.
Your donation to R.A.R.E. ALERT provides free services to requesting organizations, providing a safe home for survivors.